How does it work?

 Zapplied Platform supports your goals to do less with more: Knowledge Engineering, Dissemination & Amplification, in a smart, social, compliant, auditable & durable way.

Zapplied Platform is the only scalable (A) 100% Customized Document Generator seamlessly integrated with (B) Document Cycle & Deal Cycle Management, including (C) Social Collaboration, Workflow & Autorisation Management and Audit trails. All in one.

 Check out our White Paper on The Digital Transformation of Financial Services Industry, and find out how Zapplied Platform helps out this and other industries.



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How does it work?

Zapplied for Procurement

As a procurement manager within a company, you need to get to the best results quickly. On the other hand your business is risky, so control and structure remain key.


Zapplied is proud to present a truly unique self-service portal, designed to empower you. By logging in you have access to your personalized, online workspace. You will get exactly what you really need. No more searching for NDA’s, Master Contracts, SLA’s and ‘the right version’ of all other documentation you need. Based on your role and responsibilities your portal will be personalized.


From this dedicated repository, you would be able to select the type of document you need and customize it right on the spot, without involving legal, HR, management or other experts. Then, a business oriented Q&A will start an invisible engine, bringing together the content you need and generating a ready-to-sign contract.


In case of a more complex document or whenever team effort is required, a smart workflow will be triggered. Also, a notification engine will help you prioritizing your work and give you real time status update for the projects you’re working on. Zapplied Platform now becomes a sophisticated collaboration and productivity boosting platform. The newest social tooling make it fun to work with and detailed audit trails and dashboards offer you a perfect and structured overview of pending work and progress.


Zapplied Platform automates repetitive work and turns knowledge into intelligent and 100% customized content. Ready for you to use and always up-to-date. Only results and productivity matter and is automatically delivered to you in total transparency. 


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Please contact our representatives of Zapplied directly for a tailored offering or to learn more about Zapplied for Procurement (Zapplied Headquarter in Amsterdam: +31 20 - 305 49 69). Thank you. @Zapplied