How does it work?

 Zapplied Platform supports your goals to do less with more: Knowledge Engineering, Dissemination & Amplification, in a smart, social, compliant, auditable & durable way.

Zapplied Platform is the only scalable (A) 100% Customized Document Generator seamlessly integrated with (B) Document Cycle & Deal Cycle Management, including (C) Social Collaboration, Workflow & Autorisation Management and Audit trails. All in one.

 Check out our White Paper on The Digital Transformation of Financial Services Industry, and find out how Zapplied Platform helps out this and other industries.



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How does it work?

Zapplied for Partner Portal

As a partner, alliance, reseller, OEM other indirect channel manager, you need to get to the best results quickly with as much control as possible which have as little administrative burden as possible.


Zapplied is proud to present a truly unique self-service partner portal, designed to empower you, as well as your partners!


Do you wish to make available company content, such as customised marketing material, or your company's EULAs, terms and conditions and other document that the partner needs to properly get in place between partner and its own customer?


Zapplied Platform automates this repetitive work and turns your content and knowledge into intelligent and 100% customized content. Ready for you to make available, keep always up-to-date, while you stay updated and in control of anything that goes on in your Zapplied portal..


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Please contact our representatives of Zapplied directly for a tailored offering or to learn more about Zapplied Platform's Partner Portal Use Cases (Zapplied Headquarter in Amsterdam: +31 20 - 305 49 69). Thank you. @Zapplied