How does it work?

 Zapplied Platform supports your goals to do less with more: Knowledge Engineering, Dissemination & Amplification, in a smart, social, compliant, auditable & durable way.

Zapplied Platform is the only scalable (A) 100% Customized Document Generator seamlessly integrated with (B) Document Cycle & Deal Cycle Management, including (C) Social Collaboration, Workflow & Autorisation Management and Audit trails. All in one.

 Check out our White Paper on The Digital Transformation of Financial Services Industry, and find out how Zapplied Platform helps out this and other industries.



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How does it work?


No Hardware. No Software. Unlimited Possibilities.


Zapplied Platform is an enterprise cloud application, made available on the Salesforce Platform. is market leader in Enterprise Cloud Computing. Never before where enterprise applications so user friendly, practical and accessible, without lenghtly implementation periods, and without maintenance fees and additional maintenance implementation projects.


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Another great read is the book Behind The Cloud, How Went from Idea to Billion-Dollar Company-and Revolutionized an Industry, by Marc Benioff. Zapplied Book Study of this book is available here.