How does it work?

 Zapplied Platform supports your goals to do less with more: Knowledge Engineering, Dissemination & Amplification, in a smart, social, compliant, auditable & durable way.

Zapplied Platform is the only scalable (A) 100% Customized Document Generator seamlessly integrated with (B) Document Cycle & Deal Cycle Management, including (C) Social Collaboration, Workflow & Autorisation Management and Audit trails. All in one.

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How does it work?

Zapplied NDA Module

Do you want to make starting a confidential conversation with a business, strategic or financial prospect easy, solid and even fun? Would you like your team and organisation to always put in place the right NDA, without you having to double-check the whole process?


Zapplied NDA Module is a compact featured version of Zapplied Platform, which includes the Zapplied NDA Content Pack. With this Zapplied NDA Content Pack, a Zapplied customer can generate three (3) types of Non-Disclosure Agreements that are generally the most used ones, being:


1. Non-Disclosure Agreement for pre-sales and other early discussion and assessment purposes;


2. Non-Disclosure Agreement for strategic discussions and assessment purposes;


3. Non-Disclosure Agreement for financing purposes (whether early stage VC, or later stage PE, loans and bank facilities, or even road-to-exit mezzanines and pre-IPO discussions and assessment).


These NDA's can be generated webbased, worldwide, from any device, anytime. For instance means that you can generate and send-out a customized and ready-for-signature NDA on the spot, even while at the table of your new prospect. Zapplied NDA Content Pack is ideal for Business Developers, Sales, Procurement, Partner Managers, Early-Stage and Growth companies, as well as large corporations and organisations. Thousands of NDA's are already generated every year with the use of this Zapplied NDA Content Pack. Join us, and enjoy the benefits of Zapplied NDA Module.


Pricing Zapplied NDA Module:


Zapplied NDA Module is available from EUR 199 per user/month. The one-time set-up fee per organisation/company is EUR 399. No set-up fee is charged for adding additional users.


Please contact:


Please contact our representatives of Zapplied directly for a tailored offering or to learn more about Zapplied Platform (Zapplied Headquarter in Amsterdam: +31 20 - 305 49 69). Thank you. @Zapplied


Please note:


The pricing set above is based on a three (3) years' Master Subscription Agreement as per the then current standard MSA of Zapplied B.V. The pricing set above is for subscription of Zapplied cloud services only, including the NDA content provided if and to the extent provided hereunder, and does not include any configuration, consultancy, training or other professional services and related out of pocket and other costs and expenses. The editions, features and its subcription pricing are subject to change without prior notice. The pricing and other information are provided 'as-is' and no rights whatsoever can be derived from it. Any edition, features, pricing or information is only binding upon a relevant and duly signed written agreement with Zapplied B.V. All rates, prices and other fees are net, and shall be exclusive of all taxes as well as withholding and other taxes and government levies due under applicable law. All rights are reserved.