How does it work?

 Zapplied Platform supports your goals to do less with more: Knowledge Engineering, Dissemination & Amplification, in a smart, social, compliant, auditable & durable way.

Zapplied Platform is the only scalable (A) 100% Customized Document Generator seamlessly integrated with (B) Document Cycle & Deal Cycle Management, including (C) Social Collaboration, Workflow & Autorisation Management and Audit trails. All in one.

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How does it work?

How does it work?


Zapplied Legal manages and generates 100% perfectly customized, sophisticated, up-to-date and ready-to-sign contracts and other documentation, while managing the whole process of getting such contract/document negotiated out. Anywhere, anytime. 


And if Business/Procurement/HRM stays within the pre-authorized bandwidth of what is established as legally and otherwise acceptable and compliant, they do not need direct involvement of Management, Finance, Legal or Compliance. And close the deal extremely quick, within company policies, and totally paperless.


In other words, Zapplied Legal has:


i. Customized, document generating functionalities;


ii. Full and automated work flow management;


iii. Intelligence to generate content and know-how with very easy, mostly non-legal so user-friendly queries; 


iv. Delegation of authorities and other authorization processing and control, and;


v. Management dash boarding and instant  message possibilities.


Basically there are three (3) groups of users:


1. Business/Procurement/HRM users, which can log-in and start a document request;


2. Legal/Compliance, which processes those requests when needed (generally only when the request is outside the pre-authorized scope), and monitors deal and document flows, and;


3. C-Level and other Management, which can monitor deal and document flows.


All in one system.


Zapplied Legal give your company the opportunity to innovate and optimize its global and local organisation and businesses, as routine work and other professional services output that can be automated (quite often up to 100%) will be processed through Zapplied Legal, improving productivity, predictability, speed, reliability, trust and control, and taking over such routine, repetitive work from professionals. You can free up  your resources for focus on strategic deals and initiates. Create competitive advance, in areas you though no advantage was possible, while staying in control.




We have been succesfully building, using and optimizing these methodologies and processes for more than a decade. For the development of our Zapplied Legal cloudbased technology, we started with a clean sheet of paper, and it to deal with all your company's business life cycles.


Zapplied is a leader in innovative, enterprise-class, business solutions for managing global business deals and other deal flow, document flow or legal processes. Delivered in the enterprise cloud, Zapplied leverages on its modern technology platform, and offers a fresh alternative to legacy deal making and  other traditional professional services. Zapplied is applied innovation.


If you may need further information, please do not hesitate to give us a call at + 31 20 - 305 49 69, or send us an email at Thank you for your attention.


Zapplied Platform: Smart Strategic Solutions you have never experienced before, but will find addictive. Ignore us at your peril.